Sumatra Wahana

This coffee's dynamic, shifting flavor charms us.  The first smell is of berries which morphs into juicy watermelon in the mouth only to twist again ending with a cabernet-like pepper. It also makes fantastic single-origin espresso.

Sidikilang is a small area in the highlands of Sumatra, close to Lake Toba and the more famous Lintong region.  Though most of the area's small holders raise a local mutation of the Typica cultivar, the Wahana estate focuses on a Catimor/Typica hybrid which has greater resistance to coffee rust. To promote a healthy local ecosystem, the estate donates shade trees, organic fertilizer and coffee seeds to surrounding farms. It also maintains a nature reserve on its property.


Sumatra Wahana

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Location: Sidikalang
Variety: Rasuna
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1,200m - 1,500m

Cupping Notes:

Fragrance: Strawberry, Melon
Flavor: Chocolate, Dried Cherry
Body: Syrupy
Acid: Like a Peach
Finish: Coating

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